4 Reasons Why It Is Better To Sell Your House Directly vs. Hiring A Raleigh Real Estate Agent

You’ve come to the conclusion that now is the appropriate time to sell. You can’t stop asking yourself whether or not you should work with an agent to help you sell your house in Raleigh, NC. Are you willing to make a significant commission payment? How long are you able to wait until an offer is made on the house before you consider selling it? How much longer will it take to finally get it closed? What sort of repairs will you have to make? What’s the state of your house when you leave for work in the morning? Do you need more than 24-hour notice to show potential buyers your home, or are you available whenever they call?


There’s no need for you to be concerned about going through a roller coaster of emotions if you make the decision to sell your house directly to a professional house buyer in Raleigh, NC. There aren’t any annoying phone calls in the middle of your dinner time, asking if you’re available to show your house, which is a huge relief. There’s no need for you to stress about leaving your house immaculate every morning before going to work, just in case there’s a showing while you are away from home. There is no need for you to be concerned about the possibility of coming into contact with a buyer’s agent or their clients, or about having to deal with them asking you questions that you really shouldn’t answer anyway. You also won’t have to worry about buyers arguing with you about which pieces of furniture they want and which ones you plan to keep when selling your home.

Commissions and Fees

The commission paid to real estate agents is often a percentage of the amount of money made from the sale of a property. If you do not work with a real estate agent, there will be no commissions paid to either the buyer’s or seller’s agent. That translates into cost reductions of thousands of dollars! The standard commission rate is 3% per side. So, if you sell your house for $400,000, you will have to pay $24,000 in commissions alone, in addition to the customary seller’s closing fees and other possible transaction fees to the closing agent and the real estate agents office. Real estate investors often do not impose commissions or transaction fees, or if they do, it is often quite minimal.

Waiting Time Frame

The multiple listing service, also known as the MLS, is something that real estate agents have access to. This service makes it possible for your property to be found in searches for certain aspects of a property. This might be quite appealing to you. But, how long do you anticipate it staying on the market for? How quickly can you expect to receive offers? Real estate investors and other direct house buyers generally have a network of other house buyers; therefore, even if your property does not fit your portfolio, it may fit the portfolio of their colleagues. In either case, this indicates that there will be a relatively short amount of time spent waiting for an offer. When you sell your home in Raleigh, NC directly to house buyers, the transaction will often be finalized more quickly than with traditional buyers, and the standard payment method is full payment in cash. Traditional home acquisitions typically necessitate the buyer obtaining pre-approval from the bank, which can take some time, as well as an examination of the property, and the buyer may not end up qualifying for the mortgage.

Inspections & Repairs

In NC, professional home buyers will typically buy houses in their current condition without making any repairs or improvements. If you are the one selling the property, this means that you do not need to be concerned about making any repairs before the closing or any other unexpected costs that may arise. There are some businesses that do not require inspections, which results in a transaction that is conducted on an “as-is” basis. When a buyer hires a real estate agent, the buyer’s agent will almost always request that the property be inspected. If they discover that there’s something wrong with the structure of the property, they may ask you to correct it before the property sale is finalized by paying for the repairs out of your own pocket.

When you are getting ready to sell your home, there are a lot of different scenarios that you need to consider. We are able to assist you in determining which path would be most beneficial to you.

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