5 Costs To Expect With A Traditional Sale of Your Raleigh House

There are a number of costs to expect with a traditional sale of your Raleigh home. Find out if working with an agent is really the right choice for your situation and property in our latest post!

Ready to put your Raleigh home on the market? Before you enlist the help of a real estate agent, evaluate all that’s involved in traditional selling. From costs and effort required to time commitment – these five key factors can make or break your sale success! Asking yourself if an alternative method might be more suitable could save you lots of headaches down the road.


Selling a house in Raleigh can involve some work. It’s important to be aware of small repairs that may need attention in order to present the best property value for potential buyers. You should also factor into your thinking any major repair costs, which could end up increasing total expenses substantially if they’re discovered after an offer has been made on the home. Planning ahead ensures you understand what might come along during this process and reduces surprises down the road as far as budgeting is concerned!

Professional Cleaning

Showcasing your home in its best light when selling in Raleigh can make all the difference. Even if you’re a diligent housekeeper, enlisting professional help may be necessary to really shine up and transform areas of your property – from deep-cleaning carpets to power washing the exterior or freshening stained floor tiles. Taking on these projects yourself can take time away that could potentially be utilized elsewhere – something truly invaluable!

Marketing Fees

Looking for the perfect home can be a challenge, especially when it comes to understanding how different real estate agents provide marketing assistance. From comprehensive services at no cost, to basic efforts that may not always reach their full potential. With some properties you’ll find carefully crafted staged professional photos making rooms appear larger and more inviting than they are in reality – while others might have quick snapshots taken with cell phone cameras highlighting an unkempt look of disarray! If you’re looking to list your house, be aware that the most effective strategies can come at a cost. It may seem like an initial financial investment, but with exclusive listings and targeted marketing materials such as signage or print pieces potentially on offer – it could well bring in more prospects than expected!


As a homeowner in Raleigh, you may be considering working with an agent to help sell your property. It’s important to remember that this comes at the cost of 6% commission taken from the final sale price – which can add up significantly! That’s why it pays to weigh up exactly how much money they’ll likely get for your home before signing any kind agreement; if their estimated returns don’t make sense then another option like direct sale might better suit your individual needs and budget.

Closing Costs

Selling a home in Raleigh can come with some hefty expenses at closing, but when you work with Present Day Properties, many of these costs become completely avoidable. Our team is proud to offer savvy sellers the opportunity to save up to 3% on their final sale price – without sacrificing quality service or comprehensive coverage! Let us help provide financial breathing room so that your transition into new beginnings can be as stress-free and successful as possible.

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