5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Raleigh

Ready to take the next step in selling your home? Don’t get weighed down with high commissions and fees or become overwhelmed by handling a for sale by owner situation. Connecting with Present Day Properties directly is simple—simply give us a call at 984-689-9785, and we’ll listen attentively as you ask questions about how our direct sales process works, what it could save you money-wise, and any other details!

Aside from avoiding all of the headaches of listing your home on the market, making a direct sale of your Raleigh property can save you money in the following ways.

No Repairs or Renovations

Selling a traditional home can involve significant expenses in inspections and appraisals, but often buyers are unable to see the potential of your property due to outdated features or signs of wear. Investing in repairs prior to resale could be beneficial as it allows buyers visualize how they might potentially remodel their new space while also increasing its market value – helping them consider making an offer! Real estate professionals have experience navigating such scenarios so having conversations with local agents is encouraged if you’re uncertain about any future plans you may make for marketing your home.

Pack and Go

To ensure your home makes a great impression on potential buyers and allows them to envision themselves in the space, selling direct can be an ideal solution. You’ll avoid extra costs like deep cleaning or staging expenses while making sure exterior curb appeal is maintained. Plus, you won’t need to worry about carrying unwanted personal belongings with you when it’s time for the move! Let go of those worries today by putting [market city]’s real estate market and yourself first – sell direct and enjoy fresh possibilities ahead!

Forget Closing Costs

By choosing to directly sell your house in [market city], you could save money by bypassing traditional closing costs, as well as fees related to appraisals and inspections. Especially when the home is new or recently renovated, this could lead to a more cost-effective solution!

No Marketing Expenses

Marketing can be the make-or-break factor in selling your home, so it’s essential to get this part of the process right! Having a real estate agent could help increase public reach and improve advertising vehicles for maximum success. Dressing up your property is also pivotal; making sure you have that picture-perfect presentation will attract buyers instantaneously!

Monthly Costs Eliminated

Navigating homeownership expenses can be challenging, especially for those who have relocated due to work or lifestyle changes. From mortgage payments and property taxes to insurance costs, utilities, and repairs on an aging home – the strain of these mounting monthly bills is enough to cause anyone financial distress. That’s why a direct sale could prove so invaluable! Put your mind at ease with thousands saved off traditional methods like real estate agents while giving yourself added peace-of-mind that you won’t break the bank when owning your own lovely home.

Let Present Day Properties show you how you how quickly and easily selling your house in Raleigh can help. We’ll take the hassle out of monthly payments so that you can focus on doing more with what matters most — connecting with family, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, or taking care of tomorrow’s dreams. Give us a call today at 984-689-9785 or send us a message!

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