5 Ways Holding Onto Vacant Land Is Costing You In Raleigh

An investment in undeveloped land may provide you with substantial financial returns. However, keeping it may also result in financial losses, either immediately or in the long run, depending on the circumstances. There are annual taxes and potentially property owner’s association fees to consider, but not as many tax benefits, cash flow, property maintenance issues, and market conditions to consider. Call Present Day Properties at 984-689-9785 to discuss the ways holding onto vacant land is costing you. 

Annual Cost

Maintaining vacant land may seem like a savvy financial decision, but that can quickly change if you don’t actively use the space. Not only will you be paying for something with no return on your investment – such as annual taxes ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon location and zoning – but over time those property taxes could easily exceed what it cost in the first place! Don’t let those hard-earned savings slip away for nothing; you need to take action right away to get the most out of your vacant plot.

Property owner’s association fees are an additional annual cost that may or may not apply. If you bought land in a community that has an association, you might be required to an annual fee for services like landscaping and maintenance – usually ranging from several hundred dollars up to thousands depending on what benefits are offered by the organization. Plus, don’t forget there may be special municipal projects or utility upgrades that could increase your tax bill each year despite potentially not having much effect on value appreciation of your land.

Tax Benefits

Investing in vacant land can be a smart move, but you want to consider the tax implications ahead of time. Without any form of homestead exemption or depreciation available for undeveloped land, it may not provide the same level of financial advantages as owning a single-family home or commercial property. Make sure your investment plan takes this into account before making such an important decision!

Cash Flow

Holding on to vacant land is negative cash flow. You do not possess a structure that can be rented out and for which you can receive regular payments. Holding on to vacant land is negative cash flow. You do not possess a structure that can be rented out and for which you can receive regular payments. When considering turning your vacant lot into additional rental space, consider what zoning parameters there are and if property owner’s insurance is needed for added protection from potential lawsuits resulting from an accident on the premises. It might just save you in more ways than one!

Property Maintenance

When considering keeping vacant land, upkeep can quickly become a financial investment. Municipalities may impose grass cutting requirements to avoid fire hazards and illegal dumping could burden you with expensive clean-up costs if unaddressed. There is also the possibility of hidden toxic waste or contaminants that you as an owner are responsible for managing; all possible factors in deciding whether holding onto your property is worth it!

Market Conditions

Protecting your investment means understanding the dangers of holding onto vacant land for too long. Even when market values are high, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep property indefinitely – if prices drop and remain low for a prolonged period, you could be stuck with sky-high taxes or lose out on hundreds in value over time. Making responsible decisions now is key to preserving financial stability down the line!

No matter what your situation, if you own land in Raleigh, NC, call Present Day Properties at 984-689-9785 or send us a message to discuss the ways holding onto vacant land is costing you and what you can do about it. 

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