6 Things To Know Before Selling Your House On Your Own In Raleigh

There are a few things you should know before selling your house on your own in Raleigh. In our latest post, get the information you need to make the right decision before attempting to sell your house on your own. 

Many people believe that they can sell a home for cash inRaleigh by listing it themselves, and the truth is, they can. However, the costs, the time spent, and the effort that goes into the whole thing is often much more than they bargained for. An agent is typically able to get sellers more money than selling on their own, but then the seller is faced with high commissions and other listing costs. If you do decide to sell your house on your own in Raleigh, we offer a few costs you should be aware of below!

Advertising Costs

Selling your house is a huge undertaking and we understand you want to make sure it goes quickly. Our team of professionals have identified several steps that can help ensure success including signage, printed materials, online listings, open houses – all tailored specifically for the Raleigh area. While not every method may be right for you or necessary in this situation; we’ll work with you closely to find just the right combination so everything runs smoothly and efficiently!

Answering Questions

With successful marketing, your phone will be ringing non-stop with people eager to learn more about the property. As a professional in this field, you must carefully assess each inquiry – answering questions and setting up viewings – while providing empathetic support along the journey. It’s an exciting responsibility that can become overwhelming if handled carelessly!

Property Showings

For your home to be the talk of town, it is important that you keep it tidy and presentable at all times. It may also help to make use of staging items in order for potential buyers can imagine themselves living there with ease! Professional cleaning services are a great way to go as they will get into those hard-to reach spots – leaving nothing but pure delight behind. Make sure people have an opportunity view your place when convenient; afterall, open house days are always a good idea! Finally, maintain composure and try to keep an open mind if someone makes comments about features of the property which may not be ideal – remember: They’re just viewing what could potentially become their dream home one day too. Getting defensive won’t do anyone any favors!

Repair Costs

Selling your home in the Raleigh area can prove to be complicated when it comes to repairs. Everyone wants their property at its best, but you also need to think of what modifications will really add value and impact a potential buyer’s decision. If needed, fixes should never be delayed as an inspection may bring up new issues that must addressed before making a sale. Don’t forget – taking care of these details now could mean more money later!

Legal Responsibilities

If you decide to sell your house on your own in Raleigh, you will be responsible for all the legalities that come along with it. From the contracts to the escrow process, you will be in charge of it all, making sure everything is completed accurately and completely.


When you’re ready to part with your Raleigh home, it can be a lengthy process that comes with no guarantees. Not only do you have to wait and hope the sale goes through after months of waiting around in limbo – but there are also costs and responsibilities associated as well.

That’s why Present Day Properties offer direct sales; our team makes sure everything is taken care of quickly so that all parties involved feel cared for during this sensitive time! We’ll make sure it’s done fast, professionally…and responsibly too – allowing you peace-of-mind when closing on your home in just a matter of days.

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