How Long Selling Your House In Raleigh Will Take

Selling your house is an emotional and financial commitment, so it’s important to make sure you have a good handle on the process. Going through an agent may sound appealing at first as they can do most of the work for you – however this will usually take longer and cost more than doing it by yourself. Read our tips on overcoming these hurdles in order to get top dollar from selling your home faster!

While there is no way to predict how long it will take to sell your house when you list it with a [market city] agent, you can plan ahead if you sell directly. In this post, we’ll explore the timeline of home sales and the possible reasons for any delays.

If You List…

Getting It Ready For The Market

If you’re looking to list your Raleigh home, preparing it for sale can be a huge undertaking – but don’t worry! Cleaning the house, de-personalizing certain areas and making repairs are important steps that’ll help ensure potential buyers fall in love with what they see. You may even consider staging the property; this will show its full potential & entice viewers further.

Finding The Right Agent

Finding the perfect agent to help you navigate your real estate journey can be a difficult task. It’s important not to settle for just any old person – take time researching agents in-depth, asking sellers close by what their experience was like and connect with multiple potentials before committing!

Waiting For A Buyer

Selling can be an unpredictable process and it’s important to plan ahead. While there is no way of knowing exactly how long your property will remain listed, you should prepare for the possibility that offers may take longer than expected or come in below your desired asking price. That said, being prepared with a knowledgeable real estate partner can give you peace of mind as you navigate through this journey.

The Inspection Process

To ensure a successful sale of your home, it’s important to take the necessary steps beforehand. Consider getting an inspection done prior to listing – this will give you valuable insight into any potential risks and allow for adjustments if needed. Once an offer is made, both parties should be prepared that the lender may require another appraisal before they can fund the loan; stay ready with additional repairs or negotiation options in case there are variations between expected and actual values!


Escrow is a critical but often lengthy process, depending on the agreement between buyer and seller. Delays can come from contingencies or repairs requested by either party, as well as extra time needed for lenders to complete their funding of loans. All told, you should expect escrow to last anywhere in the range of two weeks up through four – give yourself plenty of lead-time so your finalized purchase remains stress free!


Once both parties have completed and approved the escrow process, it’s time for a meaningful gathering at the title company. This is when you’ll review every detail of your agreement together before signing on that critical dotted line – making this an important milestone in what will ultimately be a successful real estate transaction!

When You Sell Directly…

Get An Offer

An offer will be made right away, and we won’t rush or pressure your decision in any way. You’re encouraged to take the necessary time needed for contemplation and crunching the numbers before finalizing a sale – that’s why Present Day Properties is here; offering support through thoughtful guidance tailored just for you.


When you need to sell your home fast, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Present Day Properties can help make it straightforward and efficient by offering a direct sale option with no listing costs or repairs necessary. That means fewer time-consuming steps and more control over when your house will close – without any commitments required! Find out if selling directly is right for you in just minutes before committing to an agent-assisted listing today!

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