How To Sell A House During A Divorce in Raleigh

It can be very difficult to sell a house during a divorce. Learn more about the easiest and most fair way to sell your house in Raleigh in our latest post!

Dividing the assets of a marriage can be an incredibly difficult process, often made more difficult by emotions and tensions that accompany divorce. A popular option for couples to consider is selling their property so they can peacefully resolve any real estate interests without further arguing or difficulty. By taking this approach, both parties are able to move forward with life after the end of their relationship in a less stressful way. Below, we offer some tips to make the home selling process as simple as possible when selling your house during a divorce in Raleigh.

Price The Home To Sell

To expedite the selling process of your property, it is important to come to a mutually beneficial agreement between both former spouses on what price point should be acceptable. This can potentially speed up the time spent searching for potential buyers. When you list your house on MLS in Raleigh, make sure you have priced it correctly from start-to-finish; this will minimize any extra waiting periods and maximize efficiency as far as finding an eager buyer quickly. Of course there is still the 30–60 day escrow period that must pass before completion—but with sound preparation ensues successful achievement!

Delegate Responsibility

To ensure a smooth sale process, clarify roles and responsibilities ahead of time. This can help you avoid the potential pitfalls that come from uncertain expectations – saving both parties from unnecessary conflict further down the line. Make sure everyone knows who will be taking care of cleaning, repairs and handling questions asked by your agent – this way nobody has to worry about being unfairly blamed for any missteps! It’s essential that ex-partners collaborate in order to ensure the smooth sale of their home. To make this process simpler, it may be worth hiring a professional who can handle cleaning and other aspects – with both parties sharing costs equally. Both should stay connected to the agent throughout, so nothing is missed out on; avoiding any potential disputes down the track!

Keep Your Emotions In Check

When you sell your house during divorce in Raleigh, it can evoke difficult emotions. Amidst such an already turbulent time, it is important to try and keep your focus on the future instead of allowing feelings like sadness or bitterness toward your former spouse derail the sale process. If needed, consider enlisting professional support so you get through this transition more smoothly as well as quickly – lawyers and mediators alike are trained in helping homeowners navigate these situations with care and understanding!

Find A Direct Buyer

Let Present Day Properties help you get your house sold quickly, so that you can enjoy financial savings and peace of mind. We specialize in closing on houses located throughout the Raleigh area within a few days – dramatically accelerating traditional timelines. For divorced couples looking for an equitable way to liquidate their home without costly holding fees or agent commissions, we have just what they need: fair offers made with honesty and integrity!

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