Is Hiring An Agent in Raleigh REALLY Worth It?

When you’re ready to move onto your next home, make sure to cast a wide net – don’t just rely on real estate agents! There are plenty of strategies for selling your house that could get the job done quickly and easily. A local agent may still be incredibly helpful but do some research beforehand so you know all the options available for finding potential buyers.

Our latest blog post explores some of the common costs associated with traditional listings, giving you all need to decide what’s best for your situation.

The Pre-Listing Costs

When preparing to place your house on the market, it’s essential that you keep pre-listing costs in mind. From renovations and repairs through staging and promotion, these costs can quickly add up so they must be strategically managed to get maximum value out of your home sale. Equally important is getting into a buyer’s mindset: understanding current trends as well as what kind of residence would best suit their lifestyle and budget. Caring for all aspects allows us to find buyers for whom our property fits perfectly – maximizing both yours and their satisfaction with each transaction!

Agent Costs

Finding the perfect real estate agent is an important job and should be taken seriously. We understand that you want to ensure you have all relevant information before making a decision, so researching your options thoroughly beforehand can help give peace of mind on this journey ahead. With experienced agents available who will always put your best interests first, they are well placed to potentially get the greatest possible outcome with respect to price for any given property – although understanding associated costs such as commission fees and advertising costs up front ensures there won’t be any surprises along the way!

At The Closing Table

When the time comes to close on your property, you can expect closing costs to be approximately 2% of the sale price. But when it comes to selling directly through Present Day Properties, these expenses are taken care of! We’ll cover appraisal fees, taxes and deed recording services – even credit checks if needed. Let us help make this transaction as smooth for you as possible!

Time Is Of The Essence

Buying a house is a big decision, and it’s important to be aware of all the risks involved. There are some potential pitfalls that you should be aware of. One of the pitfalls is that you may not be offered any guarantees of how much you will get for the house or when the sale will be completed. Without these guarantees, you could find yourself in a difficult situation if something unexpected happens during the process of buying your home. You still also have to pay for all the monthly costs associated with your home during the process which can be a hassle. At Present Day Properties, we understand how stressful buying or selling can be- that’s why you’ll always know exactly how much money will arrive from each sale and when any paperwork will close before signing on anything! It takes away all uncertainty as well as those pesky monthly costs associated with owning a house – making everything easier for your peace of mind.

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