Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling The Traditional Way In Raleigh

Ready to boost your home’s sale potential? It can be frustrating when a property is on the MLS but isn’t generating much interest. Discover what could get in the way of it finding its perfect buyer – and learn how you can increase your chances without relying solely on traditional strategies! Our latest post takes a look at where Raleigh homeowners are going wrong with their real estate journey…

Bad Listing

Taking great listing photos is one of the best ways to increase your home’s sale potential. In order to make a good first impression on buyers, it’s important that clutter and mess are kept at bay – so give those surfaces a tidy up before you snap away! Photographs really can speak louder than words in this instance; poor images might deter prospective purchasers from taking an interest, while visually appealing shots could be just what they need for encouragement.

Having a quality listing is key to finding the right buyers for any property. To make sure you capture the attention of potential buyers, try crafting an accurate and well-worded description that stands out from other listings. If all else fails, turn to Present Day Properties, where we will take your home off your hands as-is – with no need to worry about marketing it or dealing with subpar descriptions!

Not Reasonably Priced

When selling your home, it’s essential to get a realistic estimate of its value. Don’t be swayed by agents who promise high returns – take the time to research comparable properties and factor in any necessary repairs or upgrades that could affect pricing. Listing too highly can backfire: an overly prolonged listing will drop down search results lists and lead people to believe there is something wrong with your property! Long-term ownership of a home on the MLS can unfortunately increase your expenses with taxes, utilities, insurace and maintenance. However, if you sell quickly there’s an opportunity to keep more money in your pocket.

Needs Work

Homebuyers often search for ideal turnkey properties, so if updating and repairs are required before you can sell your property, why not offer a repair credit? This will give buyers the chance to customize their purchases while alleviating any potential home improvement stress. It’s worth considering selling directly with an accompanying repair credit to make sure everyone is happy!

A Bad Agent

Working with the wrong real estate agent can be a costly headache. They may have little experience, market your property incorrectly, or respond slowly to potential buyers – not only leaving you frustrated but also having to pay their commission fee despite doing most of the work yourself! So, it’s important to partner with an experienced professional who understands how to properly market and sell homes, while also being attentive and responsive in order for you get the best deal possible. An offer from Present Day Properties is an ideal solution as it allows you to avoid listing contracts and choose whether our direct deal works for you – totally obligation free.

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