Sell Land Online For Free In NC — Here’s A Little Known Trick

If you own vacant land and you’re looking to sell it, you probably got to this page because you’re checking out your selling options and you want to know if there is a way to sell land online for free in NC. The answer is YES so keep reading to find out what it is!

Most People Sell Land This Way…

When most people think of selling real estate, whether it’s a house, vacant land, or any other type of real estate, the first thing that typically comes to mind is selling through an agent. This is true regardless of the type of real estate being sold.

This phase of the transaction is known as the “listing process”, and it begins when you, as the seller, sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent to have your property placed on the open market. The real estate agent will put your property on a website comparable to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and they will advertise it to potential buyers and negotiate on your behalf with buyers who are interested in buying your property. They will take care of the paperwork for you to ensure a smooth transaction. Although in theory, this method should result in you obtaining the greatest possible price (often known as “market price”) for your real estate, however, this is not always the case.

The problem is that once the land transaction is finalized, you will be required to pay a commission to the real estate agent in exchange for all of their effort, and this commission will typically be in the thousands of dollars, if not more. That is a significant amount of money that could have been in YOUR pocket.

So it’s not surprising that vacant land owners who want to sell their land are looking for an alternative and are searching for ways to sell land online for free in NC. That’s how we help at Present Day Properties. Click here to get in touch with us and see how we can help you sell land online for FREE in NC.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that owners of vacant land who wish to sell their property are looking for an alternative and researching several ways to sell land online in NC without incurring any fees. This is one of the ways that Present Day Properties can be of assistance.

Here’s how to sell land online for FREE in NC

Rather than working with an agent who is busy trying to coordinate many house sales for a variety of clients (and who could have a hard time locating buyers of raw land), you can actually sell property online for FREE in NC by taking matters into your own hands.

One choice is to try to find a buyer on your own by taking photographs of the property, posting them on the internet, and contacting potential buyers directly. This is one form of the “do-it-yourself approach. You can try to sell your land by going to sites like Facebook and Twitter, or you can even start your very own website.

However, working directly with a company that specializes in purchasing raw land from sellers is the method that is quickest, easiest, and most straightforward way to go about it. This is something that we do here at Present Day Properties.

These kinds of companies are buyers, not agents, so you end up skipping the time-consuming and costly approach of working with an agent, and instead you just connect with a buyer who is ready to buy your land right away. And this is still a “sell land online for free in NC” approach because you can probably do most of your due diligence online before you reach out and contact them.

Find out what we’ll offer for your land and sell land online for free in NC to us! Just click here and fill out the form and we’ll be in touch (or, if you prefer, give us a call at 984-689-9785).

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