The Step By Step Process Of Selling Your Raleigh House In Only A Week

The Step By Step Process Of Selling Your Raleigh House In Only A Week

Did you know that it is possible to sell your Raleigh house in as little as one week? If you choose to work with Present Day Properties, you will receive an excellent price as well as a quick closing. We will work with you on your schedule to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction. 

Homeowners in Raleigh who need to sell quickly, don’t want the hassle of repairs and are looking for cash right away have a great option available. Direct selling can be incredibly beneficial when time is limited or there are other factors at play such as foreclosure avoidance. At Present Day Properties, we understand that not all home selling journeys are the same. Whether you need to move fast or don’t want any hassle with repairs and other details, a direct sale can be the best option for homeowners in Raleigh who want to stay ahead of their timeline – and it’s made even easier when you work with us!

For example, do you need to sell for any of these reasons?

  • You are concerned about the possibility of your home going into foreclosure and the bank taking it
  • You are tired of being a landlord and always having to deal with difficult tenants
  • The house is too small to accommodate your expanding family
  • The house is too big and you’re tired from the constant upkeep of so much space
  • You are going through a divorce and would value a quick sale of your home
  • There is another investment you’d like to make, but it is dependent on the sale of your current property
  • You have had trouble paying your taxes in the past, which has prevented you from selling your property
  • You are unable to remove the liens against the house because you do not have the necessary resources
  • The property has a number of code violations, and you don’t want to take care of them
  • You no longer enjoy living there because the neighborhood has either gotten more crowded or more run down
  • You have low amount of equity in your home and are unsure how to get out from under your house
  • You’re dealing with a sudden illness that has become expensive and burdensome
  • After the death of a loved one, you have decided that it is no longer in your best interest to continue living there

These are just a few of the reasons why people want to sell their houses in only a week. Regardless of how challenging your situation may appear to be or how quickly you need to complete the transaction, our team is able to make it possible for you to do so.

Get The Facts

We strongly recommend that you consider each of your available selling options before settling on a strategy for marketing and selling your home. Although listing your home may give you the impression that you are getting more money, there is no assurance that it will actually sell for that amount. Plus, when you list with a Raleigh real estate agent, you’ll have to continue paying the holding costs for the house. You will also have to spend money on repairs, cleaning, staging, and marketing. When all is said and done, you will own your agent about 6% in commissions and another 2-5% in closing costs. All in all, the traditional listing process can be more expensive than you may think. According to Bankrate, home sellers should expect to spend about 10% of the final sale price toward closing costs. It is important to explore all of your selling options while being careful to account for all of the expenses each selling method will incur.

Get An Offer

At Present Day Properties, we understand you have a goal in mind and that timeline is important. When you reach out to us for an offer, rest assured as soon as possible will be no time at all! We take pride in researching your property with the utmost care alongside recent sales trends of the area; providing support so deciding on how to move forward comes easy. With each worry-free and obligation-free quote tailored towards meeting your needs precisely. When it’s decision time? The answer is totally up to YOU! Closing on any deal made can happen within days if needed – completely based upon what works best for both parties.

Get Your Stuff Ready To Go

If you accept our offer, the next thing to do is get ready to go! We understand that sorting out a move can be overwhelming, so we’re here to make the process as smooth and stress-free for you. We want to close fast–but at your own pace, on whatever day works best for you! You don’t need to worry about any of the details – we will handle everything from repairs and cleaning all the way through deciding what stays or goes with absolute care. Above it all though is our commitment in providing an offer price which takes into account not just value but also convenience.

As you can see, working with Present Day Properties makes the process of selling your home in just one week much simpler than it would be with other companies. We buy any house for cash in Raleigh and can make you an offer and close when you are ready. You can always rely on us to provide an outstanding deal as well as exceptional service to our customers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time if you have any inquiries.

Do you want to sell your Raleigh house in only a week? Reach out to us today to find out how simple and beneficial the process can be! 984-689-9785

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