What To Expect When Selling Your House Via Rent To Own in Raleigh

Selling your house via rent-to-own in Raleigh is an attractive option for both buyers and sellers. With two different types of contracts available, the seller can collect rental payments plus other fees while providing a unique opportunity to prospective homeowners – one that grants time to assess if it’s truly their ideal abode! The buyer would have various options; from deciding whether or not they want to purchase at the end of renting period with ‘option’ contract, all way through having more solid commitment in ‘agreement’. This also gives them an advantage when seeking financing as there’ll be ample chance build up deposit needed prior making decision on full mortgage loan. Ultimately, this means you don’t need worry about any legal complications should things do not unfold as planned.


Selling your home in Raleigh via rent to own can be an advantageous move. Not only do you have the opportunity to negotiate a contract that favors both parties, but there are plenty of details up for discussion! You could set the rental length, determine extra money added to rent payments towards their deposit and even establish how much they’ll pay as option fee – all while having them take care of property maintenance responsibilities (excepting any major repairs). Do some research on laws specific in your area first though – it’s always important stay informed when making these sorts of decisions!

Different Market

Considering rent-to-own to sell your house in Raleigh, NC can be a great way to reach more potential buyers. It gives them the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’, living in their prospective home for several years and getting an inside look of how it fits into their lives, allowing them ample time to really fall in love with its features or decide if homeownership is right for now. In either case, you gain: whether opting out becomes necessary after renting, this option returns your property back on the market as rent-to-own!

Higher Sales Price

By locking in a purchase price with the renter, you stand to benefit whatever happens – they buy your home or not. What’s more? You can have peace of mind knowing that if market conditions don’t turn out as anticipated, at least you know exactly how much money is coming your way for sure!

Additional Fees

When you explore rent-to-own as an option for selling your house in Raleigh, it’s important to take the extra step of including an Option Fee. This fee gives renters a chance to purchase their rental home after three years should they choose, and is nonrefundable even if they decide not to buy at that time. Plus, each month’s lease payment includes another portion towards eventual ownership – also typically nonrefundable too!

Monthly Payments

If you’re willing to wait, a rent-to-own could help provide some peace of mind. You may be able to expect regular income for up two or even three years and put that money towards something important – paying off your mortgage quickly, growing your investments portfolio or making another large purchase! It’s worth looking into if it fits within your plans.

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