Would An Investor Buy My House In Raleigh For Close To Asking Price?

Are you looking to sell a house in Raleigh, or anywhere in NC? Then this blog post will answer the question, “Would an investor buy my house in Raleigh for close to asking price?” Keep reading to find out the answer…

You have a couple of options when it comes to selling your house:

  • You can put it up for sale on the market by stating your asking price and working with an agent to find a buyer (or trying to find a buyer yourself).
  • You can avoid the “sell-on-the-market” process entirely by working directly with a buyer (as we do here at Present Day Properties) who can provide you with a price for your home.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re wondering, “Would an investor buy my house in Raleigh for close to asking price?”

Why Investors Invest

An investor buys real estate with the intention of either selling it for a profit or renting it out. As a result, investors are motivated to find houses that are reasonably priced for them to purchase.

Before you set your asking price, think about what benefit an investor provides…

The Value Of The Asking Price

would an investor buy my house for my asking price

The starting point for the negotiation is your asking price. Even if you sell to someone on the market (with the help of a real estate agent), your asking price will serve as a starting point for negotiations, and the buyer will certainly try to get a lower price.

But here’s something most people aren’t aware of: the asking price includes other factors… for example, it assumes that you have fixed up and cleaned up your property so it’s in pristine shape and ready to sell.

Also, keep in mind that you are responsible for paying your property’s bills, insurance, and taxes during the time an agent is looking for a buyer (which can take months). Then you’ll have to pay a commission to the agent, which could be thousands of dollars.

So all of these things are “built into” your asking price.

An Investor Skips All This

Working with an investor allows you to skip all of this. You won’t have to fix or clean your house, which will save you thousands of dollars. You also save thousands of dollars by not having to pay bills, taxes, or insurance for months while you wait for a buyer to come along. You also save thousands of dollars because you don’t have to pay a commission because no agent was used.

When you add it all up, selling TO an investor rather than through an agent saves you thousands of dollars.


Selling to an investor allows you to sell more quickly while avoiding all of those costs. As a result, an investor may be unable to purchase a home at or near your asking price. However, any discount you give them will be money you won’t see while you wait months and “risk” selling your home on the open market.

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