5 Unexpected Benefits of Working With A Real Estate Wholesaler in Raleigh

Real Estate Wholesaler is a profession that many people misunderstand, and for good reason. There are lots of people trying to cash in on the real estate wholesaling business but they are often fresh out of a real estate seminar or have purchased the DVD. Many people claiming to be Real Estate Wholesalers lack experience and are prone to making rookie mistakes. Don’t jeopardize your portfolio and investments; do your own research before deciding on a wholesaler to work with, you will be surprised by the benefits of working with a professional real estate wholesaler! 

Property Costs

Working with a real estate wholesaler in Raleigh has an unexpected benefit: the wholesaler will have pre-analyzed the property! This is a wonderful benefit for you because the figures have already been calculated. They’ll be aware of market rental rates, comparable sales, purchase, and resale closing costs, rehab costs, taxes, utility prices, homeowners association fees and restrictions, and insurance costs. This is a critical aspect of real estate investing; if you fail to pay an annual fee or calculate the numbers incorrectly, the property may not fit into your portfolio and begin consuming additional dollars.


Do you know of a bank that welcomes investments? Working with a real estate wholesaler in Raleigh has another unexpected benefit: they will have a vast network of referrals for any aspect of your investment. They’ve developed partnerships with investment-friendly banks and private lending groups, as well as title agencies, insurance companies, property management businesses, and other real estate specialists, throughout the years. They might even have affiliate companies that can offer these services at a reduced price. All of this helps you save time and money!

First Dibs

Working with a real estate wholesaler in Raleigh has the unexpected benefit of having a history of moving a large volume of property and knowing when properties are available for purchase, frequently before they hit the open market. They can bid and buy the property for a price that an average investor might not be able to afford. This enables the expert Real Estate Wholesaler to assign the property to you at a lower cost than a less experienced wholesaler. Hello, savings!

Time and Money

Speaking of saving time and money… another unexpected benefit of working with a real estate wholesaler in Raleigh is the time and money will save! This is an extremely valuable aspect of real estate investing that is overlooked. How long are you spending trying to find available properties and researching all of the property attributes? Are you contacting the local municipality for more information about the house? Doing research at night on your home computer about these properties when you could be spending this time with your family and friends? 

The Bottom Line

How much money do you want to make? An unexpected benefit of working with a real estate wholesaler in Raleigh is that they make money when you make money. They work in volume to provide you with the real estate inventory that is the best fit for investment portfolios and will provide you with the best bottom line in the market. Professional Real Estate Wholesalers will assign properties for much less than the weekender wholesaler who may only be working on one or two properties a month. 

You will be surprised how smooth and simple the experienced Real Estate Wholesaler in Raleigh will make your future real estate investment transactions. We would love to help you explore your options.

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