5 Tips For Moving With Kids in NC

Moving with kids, whether you are moving across the street or across the country, can be stressful for both you and them! Thankfully, the relocation doesn’t have to be difficult for anyone at all!

Check out our helpful tips for moving with kids, and your relocation will go off without a hitch! 

Tips For Moving With Kids!

Nobody likes saying goodbye. Not to their friends and not to the home they have grown to adore. Children, who may not completely understand the reasons behind why their family is moving or why the move would really beneficial for them in the long run, can have a particularly difficult time adjusting to a relocation.

First, Talk To Them

As soon as the move is a definite go, share the news with your kids. Make them feel like they are a part of everything that is going on, and be upfront with them about the new and exciting things that are about to take place.

Assure your children that all of their belongings, including books, toys, and other items, will be traveling with them to their new home, and discuss the many amazing opportunities that the move will provide.

Second Tip, Become Familiar With Your New House

Get your children pumped up about the new house by taking them to see if it’s in the neighborhood. Give them a tour of their respective rooms and ask them to create a plan for how they want to decorate the room.

If you’re moving further away, show them lots of pictures and use Google to research everything there is to know about the area.

You could even draw out the room and let them decide how they want their furniture arranged based on what you’ve drawn for them.

Third Tip, Allow Them to Assist With Packing

Make sure that younger children are aware that their belongings are not being thrown away but rather packed up and moved. Older kids might understand the process, but it may be more difficult for little ones to grasp.

Allow them to help in packing up their stuff, and after they’ve finished, give them the opportunity to decorate the boxes they packed their toys in. This will ensure that their toys can be located quickly after the move. As much as possible, try to get their items and room set up first, even if it means ordering pizza and keeping your kitchen in boxes for a couple of days. This will make things go much more smoothly.

They will feel less anxious if they are able to maintain that sense of familiarity.

Fourth Tip, Get to Know The Neighbors and the New Area

Join in with the activities of your new neighborhood as soon as you can. Make some small talk with your new neighbors. Host a housewarming party and invite people on your street.

Take part in activities around your community that will enable you and your children to meet new people and form friendships. If your child is more reserved than most, you should talk to them about the importance of making new friends and assist them in developing ways to introduce themselves to the other children.

Finally, Be Sure To Stick To Your Routines

Whatever routines you can keep, you should do so. Do you frequently treat yourself to an ice cream shop on a Saturday afternoon? Or maybe you go to the park first thing on a Sunday morning? Whatever routines you can keep, you should maintain doing so as much as possible.

Make an effort to keep the same schedule of meals and going to bed each night. Keeping kids in their routines will help keep them calm and will help you feel a sense of order.

Always keep in mind that even though relocating may be difficult for you, it may be even more difficult for your children. As much as possible, maintain a positive approach towards them and make the whole process a thrilling adventure. Make sure they have a good time throughout the process and eliminate as much stress as you can. (It will help you feel more relaxed too!)

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